Satosheen 13th party


On 31st of October 2008 Bitcoin White Paper had been released, and the revolution of Bitcoin & Blockhain started. This year in 2021 We are celebrating it’s 13ths birthday party. Sense of humor of Satoshi Nakamoto cannot be dismissed when he choose the release date on the Halloween.

Three years ago the Blockchain Association of Ukraine was born and strated the tradition to celebrate this important date together with its global blockchain community as an event that not just honor to Bitcoin birth BUT also unite great minds in one place for fun & enjoyment.

Over the past three years, the Satosheen Party 13 format has evolved to the level where we are ready to scale it, not only in Ukraine but also around the world.

Format of the event

The event format – we see the scaling of this event based on the principles of unifying the style and rules – is exactly what Satoshi professed when creating the Bitcoin protocol.

All Satosheen Party organizers will receive “node” status – by analogy with the structure of Bitcoin’s protocol and on the principles of a franchise.

The expansion of the franchise network will be based on the free involvement of parties interested in the development of the crypto market and Satoshi’s ideas.

Our goal is to achieve maximum global coverage of Satoshi’s ideas and the Satosheen Party.


This year we run events by invitation only. Tickets should be distributed exclusively via partners resources. Dress code – a costume party themed the the Halloween-burlesque.

The best costumes will be awarded!


Details coming soon



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