Blokchain - the technology of the present

A competently built strategy for its implementation provides an opportunity to solve the problems of stagnant industries and spheres of the Ukrainian economy. The main mission of the Association is the development of a multilateral dialogue, the result of which will be a consensus in all areas of activity


Provides the most proven and up-to-date information about the state of the Ukrainian blockchain industry.


Gives an opportunity to participate the process of choosing a vector of development and technology implementation in the public and private sectors.


Offers flexible and mutually beneficial partnership conditions on different levels.


Ready to offer topical and highly professional expertise within the competence of the members of the Association.


Access to the educational base, co-authorship, to the organization of research activities and the results obtained.


Representation of Ukraine in the international arena.

The world inevitably follows the way of digital development. Ukraine can fully realize its powerful IT potential and take a confident position in the new global economy. By the members of the Association we create favorable conditions and form a stable base for the implementation of the 4th digital / industrial revolution.


Blockchain Association of Ukraine (BAU) is a non-profit organization that seeks to actively promote the spread of integration of blockchain technology into the Ukrainian economy.


Assisting the introduction of technology in the Ukrainian economy, by working through interaction and cooperation with regulatory bodies

Development of strategic partnership with professional players, protection of their interests, as well as public interests

Increasing public awareness and access to technology


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