The first-ever Kyiv Blockchain Week starts in the capital of Ukraine in September 2019

Kyiv Blockchain Week 2019 is about to take place in the capital of Ukraine from September 16 to September 22, for the first time in its history. This is an initiative that is promoted and popularized by the Blockchain Association of Ukraine. Kyiv Blockchain Week does not have any particular beneficiary, events are self-organized, which marks the main ecosystem approach. Events at the Kyiv Blockchain Week have an educational purpose and serve blockchain community and the industry by bringing new opportunities for cooperation and development. 

“There are several goals for creating the Kyiv Blockchain Week initiative. First, we want to show the scale of the industry to a wide audience. Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies and trading, but it is also about social benefits, about the global financial system, it is about solving specific business problems. Secondly, we want to give more networking opportunities for interested people, ecosystem participants, and foreign guests – when the industry’s main events take place during the week, it’s more convenient to plan the schedule and, for example, come from abroad. Finally, it is about the brand of our country and the industry – strong developers, high-class specialists and high-quality initiatives,”- says Natalya Drik, the Executive Director of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine.

During the Kyiv Blockchain Week, there will be a series of educational and networking events related to various topics of blockchain technology and products based on its application.

  • September 16 — Houston, we’ve been hacked: How to protect your data on the Internet?

At the event you will learn about the ways to protect your data and how blockchain can help with that.

  • September 18 — Blockchain for Good

At the event, you will learn about case studies of blockchain in socially oriented services and products.

  • September 19— Global Payments Day conference

During the event, the problems and prospects of global payments, as well as the possibility of their decentralization, will be discussed.

  • September 19— #Buidl in the heart of Crypto Valley

CV Labs Venture Fund and Incubator will talk about the possibilities of the incubation program and obtaining financing for blockchain startups. 

  • September 20  – BlockchainUa conference

The biggest event of the blockchain industry in Ukraine covering a wide range of topics about blockchain technology cryptocurrencies and business in this area.

  • September 21 — 22 — BlockchainUa Hackathon 

The main blockchain hackathon of the industry – the strongest developers are invited to the competition for the development of blockchain solutions to real problems.

  • September 21— Horizen meetup

The presentation of the Horizen platform will discuss aspects of privacy and the use of blockchain solutions and cryptocurrencies, as well as the use of sidechains.

On the Kyiv Blockchain Week website, you will also find the information about private parties within the framework of the BlockchainUa conference, as well as details about participation in events, the list of which is not final and can be added. Application for adding an event to the schedule of Kyiv Blockchain Week is possible via the link.

Earlier, the Blockchain Association of Ukraine released an Overview of the blockchain industry of Ukraine, which describes the stages of formation of the industry and community, analyses companies operating in the market, and areas in which they provide solutions.


About Association:

Blockchain Association of Ukraine (BAU) unites specialists in the blockchain sphere. BAU is a non-profit organization that actively promotes integration of blockchain technology in various fields of activities in Ukraine, and spreads the knowledge about technology. The main mission of the Association is to develop a multilateral dialogue between community, business and the state, the result of which will be consensus in all areas of activity.

For more information, contact:, +380635893364

April 11, 2019

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