Blockchain Association of Ukraine launched blockchain school for developers

Blockchain Association of Ukraine that represents a comunity of Ukrainian crypto market players and experts has launched a 4-month practical course for developers on blockchain technologies. This is the start of the Association’s planned cycle of educational projects.

“The goal of the initiative is to prepare technical specialists for cryptoindustry. We know that open source development with open source code is a kind of “ikigai”, a matter of life and a dream for many professionals. This is one of the few niches where the rapidly growing industry provides ample opportunities for knowledge monetization, at the same time, giving the feeling of satisfaction from creating real valuae and products that are open to the world and each one is a brick in the foundation of the new paradigm of economic relations. In Ukraine, there are people willing to learn and there those who have unique knowledge, so we see a win-win situation for all interested parties, ”- Vice-President of BAU, Vitaly Bulychev.

Members of Association Kuna Exchange and Pandora Boxchain, as well as experts from Distributed Lab, Remme, Atticlab, BlockSoftLab and others worked together on the program.

The course program is divided into two blocks, the first “Satoshi way” is devoted to the “classic” Bitcoin blockchain and the basics of distributed registry technologies, and the second “PoSt-Satoshi era” — to a whole range of technologies and trends that have emerged after Bitcoin. Students will learn how to fully create blockchains, wallets and smart contracts, work with different methodologies and protocols, gain knowledge in the field of cryptography, game theory, etc.

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The course assumes a fully practical training format, the absence of teachers, maximum workloads and tasks of a high level of complexity, based on real cases of blockchain projects. At the end of the program, students will have the necessary expertise and skills to develop blockchain solutions on their own.

“It was decided to launch the first course on the basis of our partners, the university UNIT Factory. Since it is designed for developers who already have some knowledge of programming, selection was conducted among students who have reached a certain level of training. As a result, a group of 30 students was recruited and who started their first assignments this week. In the future, in future, we plan to develop the course that everyone can join,” –  Natalia Drik, CEO of the Association.

April 11, 2019

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